Thursday, April 19, 2012

North and South

I mentioned this TV mini-series the other day in a post and decided that I think all the world should watch it

and that putting it on my blog is closest way to get that done. 

Okay so putting it on my blog won't get the whole world to watch it but at least maybe those closest to me.

I know that Chelsea watched it. 

I also know that she watches Downton Abbey and 

is soon going to watch some of my other favorite BBC productions. 

The actors in North and South are fantastic and the story is riveting...

if you can handle the wonderfully slow moving way that BBC does movies

(Trevor cannot which is why when Masterpiece Theater comes on, he falls asleep in my lap).

There's plenty of romance and there are, of course, the wonderfully broody eyes of Richard Armitage. 

The last episode is my most favorite although you can't fully enjoy it 

unless you've watched all the episodes leading up to it. 

I have made Trevor, Annabelle and the boys all watch it with me. 

Emily's next...

Find out more about it here! IMDb

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