Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NOT just another day...

It's Emily's birthday!

It was a lot of fun celebrating Emily today. All day, I've been remembering little bits and pieces from when she was born and I'm so grateful to have all these memories of her that I can recall at any time. In my mind she can be a newborn or a crazy toddler or a silly preteen; no matter what she's always Emily and I love her.
In her card I wrote "Eleven years ago today you made me and your dad infinitely happy."

And it's so true.

She's a special girl.

At the dinner table we each took turns saying what we love about Emily.

Annabelle said that she loves how weird Emily is.

Joshua said that he loves how obnoxious she is (he meant it nicely..I think).

Stephen said that he loves how funny she is. And that he loves her laugh.

Trevor said that he loves how sensitive she is. He mentioned that he believes because of her sensitivity she can feel the spirit that much easier and I completely agree with him.

I said that I love how aware she is of the feelings of those around her, especially my own feelings. She's always checking me to see how I'm feeling or if I'm crying (especially during FHE or scripture study, my most often crying times). Years ago she started the question that became a regular: "are you happy mom?".

Like I said, she makes our lives happier than we could have ever imagined them being 11.9 years ago.....

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Jill said...

Happy birthday, Emily! She looks so pretty! Looks like a fun day;)