Sunday, May 20, 2012

Idaho Sundays

There is no better place than Idaho. 
Rexburg is the fifth Idaho town we've lived in and the fifth one we've loved. 
It just must be Idaho.
Tonight after the kids went to bed, Trevor and I strolled the yard like the English~arm in arm. 
It was beautiful.
Today was a great Sunday. 
We spent a lot of time watching the chickens and playing with them. 
Carl can sit out there and stare at them for a very long time. 
The way he stares makes me think of how he looks when he's about to get a treat. 
Not good. 
Trevor put a chicken to sleep. 
It was actually kind of sweet watching him rock it gently. 
He tucked her head under her wing and just swung her back and forth. 
I didn't even know chickens went to sleep. 
(I know, I know...duh, right!?!)
For some reason the kids like to pick Carl up and walk with him. 
It always makes them laugh. 
I think it's pretty cute also. 
After we ate dinner outside and played some catch and watched the chickens and walked with Carl, 
we went inside to play some Minute to Win It games. 
We had a penny toss, a ball toss, a dictionary word find, 
and the best of all a "shooting the refill cup" game. 
Anna was the only one who didn't want to do it so she just watched
while we all had fun. 
Emily had really good aim. 
When our games ended, we had dessert. 
But we also had a whole bunch of bb's all over the floor that do not vacuum up
so I told the kids whoever picked up the most bb's got an extra cookie. 
And the winner was?
She was very excited and Stephen was very sad. 
And now that they're in bed, we're going to finish the night together, doing who knows what....