Friday, May 25, 2012

It's been good.

A really good Friday night.
We had some friends over for dinner, talked until about 10:30 when they left and then we sent the kids to bed.

First hiccup: Joshua cut his lip and upper gum open when he jumped off a rocker and the corner hit him in the mouth. It looked a whole lot worse at the time than it actually is.
Second hiccup: I put the movie "Big" on for the kids to watch while eating their nachos. As us adults were eating in the kitchen I heard some very embarrassed 11 year old's telling me to come here. I went to see what was wrong and saw Tom Hanks copping a feel on whoever the female character was in the movie. It was a 1980's movie with a PG rating and we all know what those are like....not good.
I felt terrible. How sad for my babies to have to see that and lose a bit of their innocence.

But other than that it was a great night.
And a great start to a great weekend.