Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last day of school

I remember hearing a talk given by President Eyring who at the end of the day would recount the ways the Lord had blessed him. I think he may have written it in his journal but I'm not positive.

Here are the things I've been blessed with today:

Correction; and by that I mean, when I've done something or said something I shouldn't have, someone was there to correct me. Today the correction came from a friend and from myself.

Diet Dr. Pepper,

Chocolate Chip Cookies,



Today the wind was horrible. I'm not grateful for that because I can see no good in it.

Tomorrow we are having a couple of parties here at the Haslem house. Since it will be the last day that me and Josh will have all day together, we're going to rent a movie, buy some lunch, drink some soda, eat some candy, and buy some balloons (the balloons are josh's choice although I'm not opposed to them).

And when the kids get home from school, we're having a party for them.

It'll be another epic evening.