Monday, May 21, 2012

A long story short. kind of. it's actually kind of long.

A year ago this coming August Trevor and I went to the temple. On the way home, Trevor informed me that he felt the prompting to start a business cleaning empty apartments. I was shocked. He didn't really clean things at home (not because he wasn't willing to) so I wondered how in the world he was going to clean other houses everyday. But he felt strongly that this is what we were supposed to do. Over the next few months, he was getting everything in order; putting together a business plan, researching the market, talking to potential customers, etc...

He received his business license and was incorporated. The name of his company? TSH Cleaning and Maintenance. And he had a really good logo made up also. Then the time came to quit his secure, steady, really good job.

And he did.

His boss was very understanding. Having been a previous bishop he understood promptings and the need to follow them. A few days went by and his boss called him asking what it would take to make Trevor stay with the company (Trevor is just so awesome, they couldn't let him go...). He replied, "Nothing. I've made up my mind." His boss said to take a few days anyway to think about it and tell him his answer then.

During those few days, we found out the girls needed braces. That's a lot of money when you no longer have dental insurance. Trevor was very conflicted for many reasons and decided to go to the temple. He felt strongly that he just needed to wait until the next day to make a decision. The next day was his very first cleaning job. He went to his cleaning job at 1:00 p.m. and didn't get home till 10:00 p.m. and he still wasn't done cleaning. This was a job that would pay a hundred dollars. He ended up having to go back and take another 4 hours to finish. That's 13 hours of work at $7.70 per hour. Wowzers.

He realized that it was not at all what he wanted to do. Not only because of the pay and the hours which he was sure he could improve upon, but he didn't like cleaning. He came home and decided not to quit his job. He would stay at the store he was at and be content. Of course he had yet to talk to his boss about not quitting. His boss called him early the next morning and offered Trevor a great deal. And he of course, and very willingly, accepted it. Trevor became the manager of a bigger store and received a substantial raise.

As we look back and wonder why all this happened, we have come to a few conclusions. The first being that had Trevor never quit, he would never have received the better position he's in now. He was able to follow a prompting that was terrifyingly life changing. And have the faith to actually do it. We were able to prove to each other that we trusted one another, and could do something really, really hard, together. When Trevor made the decision to accept his boss's offer, I told him that I could finally breath again. I knew that if it was right for him to quit, we would be okay. Life would have been  harder but I knew that he would always take care of us. But to know that his taking care of us would be easier for him than it otherwise would have been was so comforting. And I could relax and breath again.

I am so grateful to have a husband who is always willing to listen to and follow promptings. I'm a very lucky/blessed lady....