Thursday, May 24, 2012


 I love to cook and bake. I especially love to make healthy food for my family. But I also love to bake crazy cake, brownies and cookies (now that they no longer spread all over the cookie sheet).

Since I try to make us eat healthy (which actually just means no processed foods or packaged foods), when we do have crackers in the house, my kids go crazy with happiness (not really, but they do love a good cracker).

Today the hot items were Chicken In a Biscuit's and Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo. And to be honest, I don't buy crackers because they take up valuable room in my grocery budget.

So since they had a lot of crackers today, for dinner we had steamed cabbage and pita with hummus, lettuce, and bacon. I recently found a pita recipe and I love making them.

And they actually really, truly taste like store bought pitas...I promise.

Today was a pretty good first day of summer. We had a bit of a rough start but it ended fabulously.

Josh and Carl were both able to sneak in a nap:
And while I made dinner, Trevor and the kids stained my picnic table made entirely of pallets.
I have one thrifty and talented husband.
(and a whole bunch of dandelions in my grass...)