Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 years old!

Happy Birthday Annabelle!
To celebrate her day, she wanted to first start out with getting Paradise doughnuts for breakfast. 
After that sugary...very sugary breakfast, we drove to Palisades where she wanted to hike and have a picnic. 
It's a tradition in our family to pick out all our birthday meals so after doughnuts, 
we had egg salad sandwiches, chips and watermelon. 
She also wanted to get square ice cream. 
Trevor told everyone that if anyone saw a moose on the way there, 
they would get a double decker ice cream. 
And we all saw a moose. Palisades never disappoints. 
And everyone got a ton of ice cream!
After that we came home and found that her good friend Gracie decorated her room and 
spoiled her with lots of candy and nail polish. 
Annabelle was so happy to come home to that! 
(that's the first picture) 
Her gifts from us was a pair of owl Vans and crackle nail polish. 
She's a funny girl to want shoes for her birthday, especially since schools starts soon and 
she'll be getting some more then also.

Annabelle is a joy to our family. 
A friend of mine described her perfectly when she said that
Annabelle has the ability to look outside of herself and have genuine concern for others. 
She's a very unique and wonderful girl and we are so thankful to have her. 
(even if she does pee a little when she gets tickled!)