Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All things considered...

It was a really great Halloween. Even though it's not our favorite fact it's way worse than our worst holiday. We don't like it. But we had a good time tonight.

Emily: Dead Bride
Annabelle: lazy person
Stephen: Dracula
Joshua: Ninja
Sarah: Sarah
Trevor: Trevor

Tonight I realized how fast our kids are growing up. They no longer need us to walk them around to the houses. We could sit in the truck and follow them from street to street. They actually didn't even want us to walk with them. how rude...It was nice to sit in the truck and be able to talk if we wanted to and not be interrupted but it was also sad for me. Que sera, sera.
After trick or treating, we came home to white chicken chili and maple bars.
And the kids ate only 2 pieces of candy the whole night!
I read scriptures while everyone else ate their doughnuts. I thought it'd be a really great idea to eat mine after the kids were in bed, and while watching Jessica Simpsons weight watchers commercial.
(it was actually a very bad, bad idea. don't watch it. ever.)
Anyway...Happy Halloween!
I can definitely wait until next year...