Sunday, October 28, 2012

It was rough.

It was a tougher Sunday than we're use to.
Stephen stayed home sick (he wasn't but I was).
There was arguing, very little patience, cold weather (we have snow and have had snow since Wednesday) and an annoying (but lovable) dog.
And we watched The Princess Bride.
And played Face the Cookie.

Tomorrow is our Anniversary!
Have I not mentioned that yet? It's snuck up on us so fast this year. It's been a busy and stressful year. We have some friends taking our kids for the evening and we will spend hours of time together. Rigby!?! What in the heck is there to do in Rigby? (I'm sure we'll find something to do...)
We cannot wait.
There has never been a day go by that I have not been thankful for Trevor. He really is the best husband. Ever. In all the world.
Did you know that we've had 4,749 days together?
And I absolutely cannot wait for day googolplexian.