Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh dear...

The funniest thing happened to Emily tonight. We didn't laugh too hard about it at the time but now whenever we think about it, Trevor and I both laugh.

After the second conference session, we went to some friends house for dinner (which was delicious). They have kids similar in ages to our own. So us adults were sitting outside eating dinner and talking while the kids were playing nearby us and the clothes line. There were a pair of undies hanging up drying and one of the kids thought it'd be great fun to pull them down and throw them around. Unfortunately, Josh also thought it would be fun to take those undies and put them over Emily's head. And the undies belong to their boy that is her age.

She just about cried, she was so embarrassed.

And we thought it was the funniest thing and will of course continue to torture her with it for many years to come.

However luck was just not in her favor tonight. As if the underwear incident wasn't enough, Trevor got a call from a member of our bishopric tonight, asking if we would speak in church next week.

And oh can our girls give talks also?

And that's when Emily finally broke down and cried.

And here's the twirp that started it:
Albeit a cute twirp.