Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just a couple of things.

1. We had a great Thanksgiving. We ate lots of good food with family. My favorites dishes were...well just about everything. Trevor's homegrown turkey exceeded our expectations.
2. Candice and Quinn went home today. We will really miss those guys. Asa, Kyran, and Silas are so cute and have the funnest personalities. Asa and Kyran are complete opposites but they compliment each other perfectly. They are going to be great brothers for each other as they grow up.
 Emily and Asa (he is so mischievous!) 
Kyran (he loves food!)
3. We are sick again here. Oh well. It happens. Trevor just left to buy me cough medicine. He claims that he's doing it so that I don't hurt but maybe it's because coughing can be annoying to bystanders. (I know the former is true, by the way.)
4. We just ate Chilis chips and guac and salsa together. It is so so good and cleared my sinuses up for a time.

(trevor looking goofy; me looking sick, and unkempt.)

5. Taylor Swifts new album "Red" is so so good. Me and the girls love it! It may become our favorite of hers. She has a concert coming to Salt Lake next summer and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we get to go (it worked for Annabelle). The album came with a book, guitar picks (unfortunately they can't be used on violins) and a poster of Taylor Swift. That is one talented girl. She wrote or co-wrote every song she's ever sang. Amazing. And my girls are filled with Taylor facts...

And I never mentioned that Trevor had a full week off from work. We had a great time and have decided that it is imperative that Trevor gets a work-from-home kind of job. However he has a great job now and has no intention of getting rid of it. We just really enjoy being together. And those 3 hours in the morning while kids were at school were...fantastic.!.

And now I'm going to go lay down, read my book (which is still awesome), and wait for Trevor to get home.