Monday, December 3, 2012

All better.

It's about time everyone is feeling better in our house. There are no signs of sickness around here and we couldn't be more excited. Seriously, going to Disneyland right now, would not make us any happier (only because the chance of that happening is nil).

Last week while I was trying to kick myself out of bed so that I could get the kids some breakfast, I heard Annabelle crying in the bathroom.
I went to check on her and found this:

She thought she would see if wrapping her hair around the comb and then pulling on it tight, would curl her hair.
It didn't. Not at all. It just made a really big mess.
I had to break the comb and slowly try to unwrap her hair. Don't you think getting your hair stuck around a comb or brush is just like a rite of passage into adolescence? I did it when I was young but I was lucky and only did it to Candice and not myself.
(I mean...sorry about that, Candice!)

Speaking of hair and Annabelle, she tried braiding my hair last week (not curling it, thank goodness.)
She's getting better. Now if only I could teach her how to color it.
Hmmm. on second thought...