Saturday, December 29, 2012

All good things.

Must come to an end. 
Trevor went back to work today. 
And I'm really sad. 
We had such a good week together doing just whatever we wanted. 
We had mini dates every day and spent lots of fun time with our kids. 
I rarely got the camera out because...I just didn't want to.
(Anna's camera is working but it takes wonky pictures)
I didn't even take pictures Christmas morning but
 I can remember it all and I guess that's what's important. 
We took a few pictures when we did happen to remember to:
This is the beginning of our week together, right after Trevor got off work on Friday
and before we went to a movie with some friends. 
We saw Jack Reacher; it was really good. 
I will forever be a Tom Cruise fan no matter how strange he gets.

 Hangin' out on the smallest least it looks small in this picture.
 Trevor played a lot of the fruit slashing's kind of addicting. 

 Our tree came down the day after Christmas.
 Everyone called me a scrooge for a few minutes but I didn't care. 
The house finally felt like it was back to normal. 
 Everyones bed stayed unmade most of the week and it was lovely! 
(I can't decide if I look like an old lady or a little girl...either way, not my best look.)
 Grandma Haslem came to visit for a few hours on Friday. 
We were so happy to see her but so sad that it was such a quick visit...
The scarf on my head is one she gave me and in fact 
I have it wrapped around my shoulders right now cause I'm sitting here freezing. 
Thank you Grandma for the gifts!

I gave Emily a mini make over. 
She loved wearing make up but still has a few more months 
before she can actually start wearing it on her own. 
She can't wait to turn 12; make up and shaving her legs...
one day she'll wonder why she ever wanted to start all that. It's such upkeep!

And now that Trevor's back to work, it's back to normal life 
which isn't a bad thing, it's just not as much fun.
That means beds made, working out, doing my hair 
(I hate taking the time to do it when he's home), 
and laundry has to actually be washed and put away~it's the putting away part that gets hard!

We absolutely loved having him home. 
And this evening when we will go visit him at work is not coming soon enough!