Sunday, December 23, 2012

And it's off to a great start!

I think of tonight as the beginning of our Christmas celebrations. We went to Scott and Jenees' and had so much fun.
We made gingerbread houses, ate a delicious dinner (I got the recipe!), played some really fun Christmas themed Minute To Win It games, and had delicious cheesecake. And sure all of that sounds fun and enjoyable but you just had to be there to really know what a good time it was. Thanks you guys for such a great evening!
Here's some of the kids houses:

Next time I will quadruple the frosting because we could definitely have used more. But the kids had fun and it wasn't too crazy!
On our way home, we had Anna's Ipod hooked up to the radio and had each child take turns picking a song. There was a big variety of songs which I loved. But the girls picked Taylor Swift almost every time. It was really fun to just listen and enjoy the music and sing along if we wanted..which I always do.
When we came home we found a surprise waiting on our table for us. Some good friends of ours dropped off some goodies...They brought us a beautiful Poinsettia, two chickens (dead ones and frozen), cookies, was so great! We are so blessed to have such awesome friends!!!

And now we have a great Christmas Eve planned and of course Christmas Day where we will just relax and hang out in our pj's.
Our kids cannot wait (and neither can me and Trevor)!