Sunday, December 30, 2012


(Annabelle's finger is in her mouth, NOT her nose. I promise.)
Sometimes Trevor and I are shocked at our really good ideas.The kids were making us crazy tonight; lots of fighting and just plain craziness. So we made them sit down at the table, each with a sheet of paper, with one of the other's names on it. They all got 2 minutes to write down two good things about the person who's name was at the top of their paper.
And they had to be quiet the whole time (that was the important part...) After the papers had been rotated 4 times, they each took their paper with their name on it and had to read it out loud to everyone, after which, they received hugs, kisses and "i love you's" from each other.
It was really brilliant. The kids loved it and now they each have a piece of paper hanging in their room with reminders of why they are loved.
I would highly suggest this quirky activity if your kids are driving you nuts as well.

(however, Stephen still had not settled down and was still bugging his sisters and so he had to write "I will not bug my sisters or brother" twenty five times and after that he was a little calmer.)