Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sadie Hawkins

Tuesday night's ward party was a little awkward for me. It's not my fault that I like men's shirts (in as small a size as I can find). They're comfortable and look cute with skinny jeans. I liked one of Trevor's shirts so much that I went and bought one for myself. Unfortunately we showed up to the ward party both wearing it (he came late). It's just never occurred to me that I would need to start coordinating my clothes with his, dang it. So I had to wear my jacket the whole night. It's not like it was Sadie Hawkins or anything...

Last night the girls had an orchestra concert, Annabelle's first one ever. They did such a great job. They both worked really hard at their songs and practiced every day. We are so proud of them!
While we waited for the concert to start, Josh and I listened to The Killers. Namely their song "Don't Shoot Me, Santa". If you want to experience some feel good music, take a listen: Just click on this link.
You probably don't want your kids to listen...or maybe you do (if you don't really me.) I would suggest listening to it first and then deciding if you want your kids to have a warped view of Santa for the rest of their lives. Either way, it's a really good song.
As are the rest of their songs. I got their Hot Fuss c.d. and I absolutely, totally, and completely love it; every song on it is great.
And my kids like them to. Now I just need to convert Trevor.