Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's Annabanana's turn!

What is your favorite food? Pizza and salad
What is your favorite color? Green, blue, and purple
Who is your best friend? Sidney
What is your favorite activity? Playing the viola and drawing. 
What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian and an artist
What are you afraid of? The dark and being alone
What is your favorite quality? My hair (I tried to explain to her that hair was not a quality but ended up having to move on with "hair" remaining her answer. I told her the other morning that her hair looked cute and she replied "I know, right..." I think she was joking.)
What is your favorite song? "Stay, Stay, Stay" Taylor Swift. 
What is your favorite scripture story? The Good Samaritan 
What is your quote; something you say a lot? "I know, right?"

Annabelle is my goofiest child. 
She loves to be silly and have fun. 
She never stops moving and never walks.
It's always hopping, skipping, running...
She's kind and thoughtful and selfless. 
She tries really hard to be good 
and it's rare that she gets upset. 
But when she does, she gets crazy mad! 
And she pinches. 
And apparently it hurts really bad...
Annabelle is a girly girl.
I just painted her nails today and I of course had 
to make sure to push her cuticles back 
and paint little hearts on each nail. 
I love my sweet girl!