Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What a week!

It's been one of those nights where I sit on the couch and stare lovingly at my Diet Dr. Pepper. A girls got to get her enjoyment somewhere, especially after a week like this. Oh's only Wednesday? It feels like it's been a whole lot longer than that.

The week started with us getting dumped on with snow on Monday. So much so that we got stuck trying to drive out of our driveway and I had to have my neighbor drive my kids to school. For some reason, our house gets snow the worse on our street. After my kids got off to school, I spent the next hour and a half shoveling snow until my neighbor brought over her snow blower and let me use it on what I hadn't gotten shoveled. Shoveling is such a good workout though that I never needed to get on the treadmill that day.
However, I woke up Tuesday with an extremely sore forearm. I must have strained a muscle much like I did in my foot last summer. And today, it hurts even worse! I can't pick things up and it makes me feel like such a wimp...

Monday Stephen stayed home sick from school, Tuesday Emily called me from school sick and needing to be picked up and today all the kids but Annabelle have been sick and missed school. I'm just glad it's not throw up sick although Emily has such a sore throat that I may need to take her to the doctor tomorrow.

Earlier today while me and Annabelle were out taking care of the chickens, I noticed a leak in one of our water pipes (?) outside which created an ice skating rink back by our shed. I had to have some men in our ward come to help fix it which ended up being really easy to do, thank goodness. I'm so grateful to them for fixing it for me! To thank them I tried to feed them tuna casserole but I think they feel the same way about tuna casserole as Trevor does.

So tonight, I'm staring lovingly at my Diet Dr. Pepper (and drinking it), listening to Billy Joel (It's Still Rock and Roll To Me and all his other bests!), updating my blog and eating skittles. And I have a movie to watch for when I can't go to sleep later...

I can't wait for tomorrow.