Friday, April 26, 2013

A little less wiser

My wisdom teeth were finally pulled out yesterday. Everything went fine, even though I thought I was going to die, I didn't. The nurse took me back to the chair with me crying like a little baby and Trevor feeling helpless. Of course I had taken a Valium the night before so I'm sure that didn't help with my weepiness but I was genuinely scared (although it did give me some weird dreams. And I could distinctly remember them the morning when I woke up-we had bunch of little people move in next door and they wanted to fight Trevor. So they fought in our kitchen and Trevor got out a diet coke and started hitting it on the little persons forehead and then spraying him with it. I guess Diet Coke was like his Kyrptonite.  And the field across the street they made into a grand canyon-like place with huge boulders everywhere...).
After I had calmed down and was resting for a minute the doctor came and put some kind of powder under my tongue to make me less aware and more relaxed. After that kicked in, all I can remember is drilling noises, the nurse telling me to breath through my nose (I had nitrous oxide), the nurse telling me to stop making noises (the Bradley method has more uses than for just during labor), and seeing the string that was being used to stitch me back up.
After they finished, I can barely remember the rest of the afternoon. I guess I talked to my dad and Candice on the phone but I can't remember the conversations at all. I really tried to keep my mouth shut so I didn't make a huge fool of myself.
I slept all afternoon and most of the evening. Trevor kept telling me to drink water but it was hard. He made me mash potatoes and stayed by my side the whole time. At one point I ended up fainting while laying down and that kind of sucked. It freaked Trevor out pretty good. My eyes were wide open and my pupils were dilated~ I didn't wake up for about a minute. Just in time for him to reconsider calling 911. That evening around nine o'clock the doctor called and told Trevor to make me a shake with a RAW egg in it. So disgusting but not knowing the egg was in there, the shake was actually really good. Then I had another bad spell of fainting, sweating, dry know, the fun stuff.
So we watched Raising Hope and then went to bed. I slept all night long and woke up feeling so rested. And in no pain. Trevor had Emily stay home with me and she did a great job taking care of me although I was completely fine. Seriously, I felt great. A little unsteady on my feet and a lot of pressure in my jaw where one of the teeth was impacted, but other than that, I felt really good. And I still do.
Trevor gave me a blessing the night before and so I'm positive that is what has helped me feel better so fast. I am just so glad to have it over with. My dentist has been telling me for awhile that I needed to get them out and I just kept putting it off and putting it off.
But it's over and wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I thought it was. We have such good friends and people who are so willing to help out however they can without even asking. My friend brought us dinner last night. And another friend brought me soup and popsicle's and Emily and Joshua lunch today. And she brought me a 2 liter bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. That's a true friend who's willing to support your not so healthy habits but does so because she likes you!

And that's the end of my wisdom teeth story.