Monday, April 1, 2013

Going the extra mile.

That was what our FHE lesson was on tonight and
that's what we did-literally!
 I am so happy to have warm weather again. 
There's going to be lots of hiking now that the sun is warming things up.

I'm no longer a "blogger". 
I'm sure that doesn't bother too many people and that's okay.
When nighttime comes around, I just don't feel like doing it. 
However since I am "blogging" right now, here's a little update:

We had such a great Easter. 
Not realizing it, Trevor and I started celebrating it on Saturday morning
when we went to the temple. 
The night before, we went to some friends house and so missed our date night.
So we went out to breakfast before the temple. 
We both agreed that we could have just stayed sitting at the restaurant people watching. 
That's a favorite past time of ours.
Easter Sunday was really enjoyable. 
We played Monopoly and watched a movie about the Saviors final three days. 
It definitely affected the boys and they had a lot of questions 
that I hope we answered correctly. 

I am reading a great book right now: Cutting For Stone, by Abraham Verghese. 
I'm always trying to find time in the day to read
but usually cannot until bedtime. 
Luckily, I can read in bed so Trevor doesn't have to fall asleep on the couch!