Friday, April 12, 2013

It actually happened.

Emily turned twelve years old! 
That means make-up, shaving, going to Young Womens....
and that makes me and Trevor a little older. 
 As part of her birthday gifts, we gave her face wash with the requirement that she has
to wash her face each night or she doesn't get to wear make-up the next day. 
That sounds harsh and micro-parenting maybe but we have to instill in her good habits...
"Best day of my life."~Emily's own words. 
When we were in the bathroom shaving her legs, we were shocked at how much hair was
left in the tub. It was kind of gross. 
I'm taking her shopping this weekend and I have a feeling 
shorts are going to be at the top of her list...

She is an amazing girl; 
funny, kind, FUN, unique, confident, and absolutely adorable.