Monday, April 29, 2013


It's been a whirlwind of a day...literally. I'm not sure how windy it actually got but it was crazy. Aaannd...I'm not a huge fan of the wind. It always seems that the truck door gets blown into the car parked next to us at the store or at least it almost does. Today it really did. I left a note on the windshield, secretly hoping they wouldn't be able to see the slight damage done, but they did. At first they were fine and then they were not so fine with it. So I'm waiting to hear back as to what they want to do about it. I feel badly that it happened and they seem like a nice person (at least texting they're nice).
For Scouts today we made kites. It was too windy to actually fly kites but the boys liked to take them outside and see how ruined they could get. Stephen didn't want to ruin his kite so he waited a bit before he flew his and it survived!
 I often times remind my family of how much I love our house. It has we need another bathroom, we need to replace all the floors (soon!), we need a garage, we need our grass fertilized and stuff (this week-thanks to Weed-Man USA!), and lots of other things could be added to the list. BUT I really love this house. Especially our living room. The light in that room is beautiful no matter the time of day and it's our place to go to relax. I love how easy our house is to clean and to keep looking nice.
 Joshua loves Curious George. When we go to the library all he wants to check out is C.G. books. Sometimes he even pretends he is C.G. And I think they look a lot alike. Tonight after FHE, while eating Popsicles and getting ready for bed, I sat and read to Josh. It's been my favorite part of the day so far.
And I've almost made it through a whole blog post without mentioning Trevor...but I can't do it. He has to work late tomorrow (inventory~the most dreaded day of the year) and so we're going to hang out as soon as he gets out of the shower, maybe eat something, maybe watch something but definitely go to bed early!
Oh and we ate at 6:30 tonight...I know, I know, what is happening to me?!?
(in case you didn't know, we generally eat dinner at 7:30 and Candice thinks it's crazy!)