Friday, July 19, 2013

Stupid Turkeys.

I hate them. 
 However come November I will be eating them which will include all the veggies
 in our garden that they have eaten. 
It will be so, so satisfying. 
They've eaten all the cabbage and the cucumber plants. 
But I have lots of tomatoes and corn and tomatillos and some squash and some peppers left. 

On Wednesday evening we went to a friends house in Shelly and picked raspberries
and so today me and the girls made freezer jam. 
I'm sure it won't be as delicious as Grandpa Barwicks freezer jam
 (that stuff is legendary) but it will still be yummy. 
We made 10- 2 cup containers of jam and still have half of our raspberries left. 
Luckily the turkeys won't be able to eat our jam...