Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Last Saturday night, we went to the Sawyer Brown concert and 
it was as good as when I saw him 16 years ago. 
That makes me feel so old. 
Before Sawyer, Starship was on (yeah we didn't know who the heck they were either) 
but they started to play "our" song which isn't really "our" song
it's just the "sarah" song that we've only known one line to for the past 14 years
and have sung about a million times. 
That was pretty exciting. 
And now we can sing the whole chorus. 
Yesterday Trevor texted me a picture of some drinks he bought us 
to enjoy while we watched some t.v. (non-alcoholic. However not non-caffeinated)
 and he requested some cake to go with them. 
So Stephen and I made a cake. 
But instead of eating the cake while we watched t.v.,we ate it with some friends
for dessert...which was pretty awesome too. 
Stephen makes a really great tasting cake. 
Tonight Trevor and I finally broke the wishbone from our turkey. 
But fate was against us and made it so neither of us won. 
Which is pretty bad since we both wished that our house would sell. 
It's a good thing prayer works a lot better than wishbones, right?