Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Table Rock

On Saturday we hiked 8 of the 12 mile hike to Table Rock. 
It was absolutely gorgeous. 
The following is a time line of our hike in pictures:
 This is soon after we started, stopping to fill our mouths with sunflower seeds. 
It seems I can't get a normal picture out of these girls any more...
 We took another break at the beautiful waterfall and got a little wet. 
 The boys conquered this (very small) mountain and it was prime time for a picture. 
 Everyone took an extra long break at mile 4. We were pretty tired and it was around 3:30 
so we had to turn around in order to not get stuck hiking in the dark. 
 I was amazed at how awesome the boys did! 
Stephen begged me for us to keep going while everyone else waited.
We'll be doing the hike again soon so that made him feel better when I said no. 
 We had to cross water a couple of times and Trevor made sure we made it across safely!
Especially Josh...
Josh's' head is soaking in this picture since he had just dunked his whole head in the river. 

By the time we were done, everyone's feet were hurting, we were tired but 
we were all still in good moods.
Although it may have been the promise of ice cream that kept us all happy... 
(it was definitely the ice cream)
It was a really fantastic day!