Wednesday, August 14, 2013

That's just the way it is.

That's what the den looks like right this minute and I couldn't care less. 
I just want to sit and listen to music and type on the computer 
while I wait for Trevor to get out of the shower. 
And we have been listening to music all day. 
Emily and I love the Imagine Dragons c.d. especially. 
There are so many good songs on it. 
My favorites are Bleeding Out and Hear Me. 
Stephen and I were listening to the Killers earlier and he asked me:
"If you and Dad ever go to a Killers concert and have an extra ticket, who would you take?"
I knew he wanted me to say him and so of course he is exactly who I would take. 
Mostly because he's so great but also because he shares my love for the Killers music. 
We sing along together any time we listen to them. 
Stephen bought an Etch A Sketch the other day and is having a ton of fun with it. 
So is Trevor since the above is Trevor's very own artwork. 
Stephen is really good at it also. 
Emily went on a 12 mile hike for mutual the other night. 
One of the leaders noticed that Emily brought a camera and so insisted on 
taking pictures of Emily.. a lot. 
That's so out of Emily's comfort zone. 
I noticed that her tongue didn't come out at all in the pictures 
because she was so uncomfortable. 
She's just like her Dad...
Josh snatched up the camera today and took a lot of pictures. 
Of himself, of Carl,
of Annabelle making breakfast, 
and a picture of Annabelle and Carl together. 
Apparently they had a great morning. 
I was out running which is why Anna was making breakfast...
She's always willing to cook for me. 
And I'm (almost) always willing to let her. 
Cause I can be kind of lazy and 
that's just the way it is.