Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A list.

Just a small one. 
1. We took the kids to Roaring Springs a couple of weeks ago and had a darn good time. 
Especially since we got to spend time with the Fowlers. 
(I'm not sure who those people are in the background but they will forever be remembered.)
 2. Last weekend we were in St. George for the baptisms of our 
niece and nephew~ which was amazing. 
We're so glad we got to be there!
 3. Josh is still just as cute now as he was when he was in Kindergarten. 
Especially when he sleeps with Curious George, maybe even more so. 
4. The kids all started school and it was a success! 
I dropped the boys off and then proceeded to run my fastest six miles yet...
as I've told many people, I was running away from my tears. Literally. 
 (josh has now worn this shirt probably 4 times since last Wednesday...I keep washing it and he keeps wearing it. It doesn't matter to him that he has a weeks worth of new shirts to wear. 
He insists on looking like a cowboy.)

5. I plan on updating everyday from now until the end of the week. 
Maybe that will help me get back in the habit.
Lately about the only habit I've had is running. 
Running, running and more running. 
But I'm not tired of it...yet. 
We'll see if I still want to run come October 6.