Monday, September 9, 2013


Another list. 
This time a list of things that have been really great lately.
*On Sunday we had a wonderful storm. It was so dang beautiful. Storms have always reminded me of my dad and now they remind my kids of their grandpa. It makes us miss him and my mom a lot. I wish we could be sitting on the porch enjoying the rain together.
*Trevor has had a loooong weekend. And we've taken full advantage of it. And so that means, we have slept in every morning, gone to bed late, went to the temple, did some grocery shopping, gone to a movie, and just did pretty much whatever we wanted to. Neither of us are looking forward to him going back to work tomorrow. Except the house could benefit by it. I do the bare minimum of housework while he's home. Why waste the time folding laundry?
*I went on my 18 mile run last week. It went really well. I was super worried about dogs (and at one point the night before when I couldn't sleep, I was worried about moose...). I only saw 12 dogs while on my 3 hour run...wait 12 dogs??? I know, that's a lot of dogs. But only 2 tried to come up and bite me and really I think they wanted to kill me. But I escaped and only cried a little bit after. A very little bit. I prayed the night and morning before my run that I would be safe...after I saw the two dogs, I met 2 other runners who I was able to ask if there were any other dogs up ahead. They said no and I was fine from that point on. Heavenly Father definitely protected me and really helped me to feel safe.
But I have a 20 (maybe 22) mile run coming up this Friday and I think I will stick to a more populated area (meaning populated with people, not dogs).
*We have a new mattress topper. We loved our bed before with it's pillowtop but now that we have this memory foam thing, it's even better. Maybe that's why we slept so good this past weekend...

And that's the end of my list.
By the way, I think I've figured out my blogging problem (for the tenth time). My internet is super slow and blogger really doesn't handle that very well. But this Friday someone is coming out to install a faster connection and so maybe after that I'll start blogging more? Maybe???