Monday, September 30, 2013

Trevor made me.

Before Trevor went back to shower he told me to update my blog.
So this is all his fault.
I have no new pictures to put on my blog because I haven't had my camera out lately. I'm not sure why...I forget about it.
Not too much new has happened lately. School is still going great for the kids. Right now they are on break for "Spud Harvest" but they do absolutely nothing for that. We went swimming today at a hotel in town and it was really fun. It was an indoor pool so we could just stay inside and swim instead of being outside in the horrible wind.
School for me is going really good as well. I've had to write a lot. That's why I no longer blog very much...I can always come up with some kind of excuse not to! I enjoy having work to do during the day. It keeps me busy.
Our house is in the process of being sold. What a huge blessing that is going to be for us! Not only will we be relieved of the burden of having that second mortgage, but we'll be able to do some updates on our house here to make it more comfortable for our family. When all the kids have to poop at once is when you know you need another bathroom!
This weekend is my marathon...I want to say I'm super excited but I also need to say that I'm super nervous. 3 weeks ago I pulled a tendon in my leg. Every time I push off with my toes, it hurts bad enough that it's kept me from running. I've been going to a Physical Therapist who's done some different therapies and taped me up really good but I think it's just needed time to be able to heal. Trevor gave me a blessing last night so I know that by Saturday I'll be able to run this marathon. Since I haven't been able to run, I've been going pretty hard on the bike. Hopefully that's kept my strength and endurance up enough to run a good race.
We are so excited to go see our family this weekend! Our trips to St. George lately have been few and far between; we miss all of our family so much!