Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

I always like to save the best for last so let's start with the ugly:
That's a really ugly chocolate chip cookie. Still can't make them. I say every time I make them and they don't turn out that I will absolutely, positively, for sure, never ever make chocolate chip cookies ever again.
But I still do.
I want my kids to come home from school and have a nice plate of warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk waiting for them to eat as a snack. Instead they're stuck with dry top ramen, or graham crackers (homemade ya'll!), or granola bars. Those are boring snacks.

The bad:
Since I failed at making chocolate chip cookies, I got stinking mad and threw my hot pads at the stove. I threw them hard. They made a really loud (but soft) thumping sound. I. was. mad. And all my kids witnessed it which is just shameful. I'm glad I didn't beat the stupid cookies, which I was so tempted to do. Oh wait, I did throw some of them on the counter in a gloppy mess. But maybe they didn't see that act of violence. was bad.

And the Good which is going to be a long list:
All afternoon Joshua kept telling me secrets and so I would bend down to hear it and instead of whispering in my ear, he would kiss me on the cheek...awwww! How sweet, right? Except about the second time, I knew what he was doing, but I didn't let on. I didn't want him to stop cause heaven knows one day he will and that will be sad.
A friend let me borrow a book of hers: Cold Sassy Tree. It is so good! It's been awhile since I've had a really good book to read and I am loving it. It's got quirky characters which is the best because I relate so well to quirkiness.
I discovered a new band to listen to who will never take The Killers place but is still pretty good. Don't laugh because I'm like the last person on this earth to listen to them: Muse. I particularly like their songs "Uprising" and "Undisclosed Desires". It's great workout music.
I made a really good tuna casserole tonight. That's a really good thing because I only get to make tuna casserole about two times a year and so when I do make it, it has to be beyond good. And it was. The kids and I all loved it.
I went to the gym today which isn't at all unusual but it is really good because then I can eat extra tuna casserole.
One last good thing: My kids all got along today. No really, they did. At least I don't remember any fighting which is the same as there not having been any fighting.