Friday, October 5, 2007

Chelseys married!!!

She is now married!! We are so excited for her and Adam. It was a beautiful wedding. They got married in the Bountiful Temple and it was the first time me or Trevor had been there. It was really nice. We had a great weekend with all the family. Aren't these dresses so pretty? Trevors mom made them and they are now the kids Christmas dresses. You can never be prepared early enough!!!! We haven't even gotten our Halloween costumes yet. Anna has decided that she is going to be a bumblebee which is a good thing since she now has a habit of constantly buzzing- don't ask me why she does it, she is just my wonderfully quirky child! Emily is going to be a witch and Im not sure yet about Stephen or Joshua.

Well, Im done updating- Trevor went to the temple tonight and will be home any minute with my Dairy Queen blizzard- yummy!! Thank you Amy for sending me the pictures!


Chris and Jenna said...

What a great idea to use the dresses for Christmas! I'm petitioning for my Mom to start making things for the boys in the family too. I've come to realize that finding cute dressy clothes for girls is a lot easier than finding it for little boys.

MadJessica said...

I love the dresses! The girls look so beautiful. It has been way too long since I have seen you guys. The kids are getting too big. Keep them from growing until I see you guys next! You better make a trip down next time we are in St. George. We are hoping Feb. or March, so everyone can see our new addition. Hey, I took your advice and updated my blog. It probably was about time!