Thursday, October 11, 2007

My baby is growing!!

Joshua gained over a pound in one month. We are so excited!!! He's getting chubby and healthy. I will lay him down in the front room and leave and about ten minutes later he is in another room all together. He loves to be on the floor and experiencing new things and seeing new things. He's getting older too fast! We had parent teacher conferences today for the girls and I am so proud of them. Since this is my blog, I figure I can brag so here I go- Annabelles teacher said she is one of her top students. She said she is so bright and such a sweet little girl. I already knew that but its nice to hear it from others!! Emilys teacher said pretty much the same thing about her. She said that Emily is very self directed and when told to do something stays right on task. I just wish she would stay on task here at home when she has to do the dishes!! Just kidding!! I have great kids and I love to hear their teachers say good things about them. Trevor and I cleaned up all the apples in the back yard today. What a pain in the butt!!! It took quite a while to do. And it was stinky!. We are thinking of getting rid of one of the trees just because we feel like it is such a waste. In its place we would put corn or something. Trevor and Stephen took all the apples to the dump and it ended up being 1000 pounds of rotten apples. Way too many! Anyways i will quit boring everyone- cant wait for Halloween! I will post some pictures of our night when it comes!!! Happy Fall to you all!!

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Chris and Jenna said...

Yay for Joshua getting bigger! That's great. Chris wants to plant some fruit trees in our yard...I think I will tell him about 1000 lbs of apples and it may change his mind. :)