Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So today I went running which isn't too unusual but this time it didn't kick my butt!!! I'm so excited. It seems lately whenever I would go running, I would get winded and I never really got into a groove. Today I finally realized that I was just trying to keep too fast of a pace. So I slowed down a bit and was able to keep going without having to catch my breath. I feel great like I got a really good workout. This coming spring I am possibly going to run The Wasatch Relay race ( I think that is what it is called). Right now I am an alternate until someone drops out. In the next couple of weeks Im going to have to pick up my pace and really start training so wish me luck! I will definitley need it!!!


Jessica said...

I am so excited that you are running again! So am I!! I am going to run a 10k with a bunch of girls from work in a couple of weeks. Crazy but I am slowly getting there. I want to run a couple of half-marathons, one in Jan and one in Mar. Thinking about the marathon in SLC in Apr but I don't know yet. Well keep it up!!

Chris and Jenna said...

That's great that you started running. Good luck with getting ready for the race!