Thursday, January 10, 2008

ive been tagged!

So thank you Stacey for tagging me. The only people that read this blog is family and a few close friends that pretty much know everthing about me but i will try to come up with things you had no idea about me!

1- I pick my hair endlessy, the split ends but I always pull the hair out-or at least I did before December 1st. That is my New Years resolution and was my worst habit. Mind over matter and Im done!

2-I love to bake. Cooking is okay but I love to bake. Trevor can never start trying to eat healthy because he would force me to stop doing something I love. I bake bread, cookies,and cakes at least 3 times a week. Luckily I generally won't eat things I bake unless there is chocolate in it. Or bread. And cake during the day. Actually with cakes, I leave a fork in it and take bites all throughout the day. So I guess I do eat things I bake. Oh well.
Okay last one-
3- I actually like to get my pictures taken. Well I don't like it but if its going to be taken, I have to feel like I look good. Some of you know that. I have a side that I have to turn to in order to feel like I look okay in the picture. I just found that I have been doing the wrong side so sorry to all you who have bad pictures of me. I also like to do goofy pictures with my sisters. That is how we pass the time, by taking pictures. We are weird.
Here is one for you all to enjoy- Trevor took this the day we got the camera. And if you all have seen my myspace page you know how ugly I can get!
Jenna it is now your turn because Im a blog lurker and I know you have not done it!

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