Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just some of our favorite things!

Friday night while making nachos, I looked around and noticed that everyone was doing exactly what they enjoy doing. So I thought I would share that with you all!
Here is Emily doing one of her favorites- helping mom make dinner. She is getting to be such a big help. In this picture she is actually browning meat, she then grated all the cheese. Very impressive!

Annabelle is doing what she is ALWAYS doing- art. She loves it. Usually you can find her sitting in this spot making something. Here she is making a book for me. Its The Dog Book.
And then there is Stephen, shooting his gun. He loves all his guns and has a good collection going. He really likes it when his sisters and his dad plays with him.
Joshua is in his usual spot. He is eating fishies and laughing. Exactly what he loves to do. He has such a good nature about him. He is very easygoing and he is truly the baby of our family!

I won't go into what Trevor and I love doing. Although one would be just staying home with the kids and enjoying our time together.

Trevor just got a new calling- He is the new Elders Quorum President so the time we have together now is even more important to us! We all know just how busy he will be!


Chris and Jenna said...

What a cute family you are! Hope we get to see you guys soon.

Stacie said...

holy crap! Joshua looks so big since we saw him last which wasn't that long ago. Those boys are Haslems for sure. They look just like Trevor!

ditndetes said...

I've never seen pics of your kids! They are so cute! What a fun thing to remember.