Sunday, January 6, 2008

There will be pictures again!!!

We finally got our new camera. Im so excied although a little bummed that we did not have it before Christmas. My mom took some pictures that I will upload one day so until then I will post ramdom ones- starting tomorrow!Its 11:30 and i'm tired. Im so excited to use it that you may get sick of seeing pictures on here but oh well! We are now officially done with Pocatello. Our house is closed and we have Trevors truck here. He was so excited to get it. I just couldn't believe that it made it here from Pocatello. Well actually, at the exit to our house from the freeway, it died. But he just needed to be pushed to start it again. So no big deal. It made it and we were happy! The girls go back to school tomorrow. Its been nice having them here and i will definitley miss them. But I love routine and since they have been home there has not been much of one. It'll be nice to settle back in again. Tomorrow there will be pictures so come back and see!

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ourhappyforeverfamily said...

Yay for pictures coming soon! I bet your kids have grown up so much already! :)