Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bear Lake

It has been so long since I have updated. I have no excuses. I just have put it off and put it off. Well, I cant put it off any longer. I've had too many people ask about it. Plus, I want to update, I really do!!! We have had a great summer so far but that is another post! We just got back from Bear lake this last weekend and had a great time! It was very relaxing. It was so good to see all our family. It had been way too long. We relaxed at the pool, at the lake, on the deck and on the couch. Trevor took the week off of work and it was so nice to have him home/with us. I no longer had to hear the never ending question of "When will Daddy be home?" The kids have more fun with him I think! Here are some pictures of our kids from the weekend. A lovely one of Emily! Her teeth are finally starting to come in. She looks adorable. Annabelle playing in the sand. She finally has her second wiggly tooth and is already asking us to tie it to a doorknob! Joshua is getting so big! He has such a funny personality. He seriously gets mad at people and WILL NOT look at them. He has already done it to me and Trevor both twice today. He is always making us laugh. He said bathroom today. Weird first word, right? I think it is his favorite room though. He will go in there and play in the sink, either sitting in it or turning on the water. Luckily, not both at the same time yet. Here is Stephen with his Uncle Adam and his cousins, playing in the water. What can I say about Stephen but that he is all boy? I told him we were going to sign him up for baseball and everyday since then he has asked me how many days until baseball starts. Im beginning to regret telling him so soon!
We took the kids to the Twin Falls Temple open house on the way down to Bear Lake. It was beautiful. Im so glad the kids got to go through and see the different rooms. They loved the baptismal font. And of course, Joshua had to growl at the oxen holding the font up! He growls at every animal he sees.
Last night we took the kids to the Boise Temple and Trevor took their pictures. We got some really good shots of them. I will upload them as soon as I have time (??)! We miss you all!

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Abby said...

I love the pictures . . . and it is about time you updated your blog missy! Where are the pictures of you and Trevor?? :)