Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New pics of the kids!

Here are some pictures of the kids that Trevor took at the Temple a couple of weeks ago. I thought they turned out really nice. Doesn't Stephen have the cutest smile? Joshua did NOT want his picture taken. This is the best one we could get since he was mad and would not even look at us. Emily is looking way too grown up. She is actually going into 2cd grade if you can believe it! Annabelle always takes good pictures. Her hair is finally calming down a bit but it still more often than not looks a little rag-dollish! I love it. They really do get along most of the time. And once in a while we get a sweet picture like this!


Chris and Jenna said...

Your kids are so dang cute. Trevor is quite the photographer...those are great pictures!

Anonymous said...

you have beautiful children.

Chelsey & Adam said...

aw look at how cute those kids are! I agree with Jenna, where did Trevor get that hidden talent?