Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some fun things this summer!

Here is everyone canning some wheat for FHE last week. Our stake has a canner that we can just reserve for the week. Makes it a whole lot easier than trying to get to the cannery. Trevor is crazy. I took the kids to the zoo last week and we had a blast! The monkeys are always our favorite because they remind us of Joshua.He loves animals and loves birds the most (which I now can't stand after almost being attacked by a bird while out running). The other day after a picnic on the lawn, Stephen threw his half eaten sandwich in the grass away from the eyes of the clean up crew (me). So we were sitting in the front room later that night and we look out the window. A squirrel was sitting in our grass, eating the sandwich just like we would. It was so funny. It was definitley the entertainment in our house that night! Especially since we took the tv out of the house for the month. Trevor actually brought it back in for me last night so that we could watch gymnastics. Too bad it was at 10:30. I wanted Anna to watch it but she was fast asleep. I am shocked at how well she does at gymnastics. She hasnt been in a class yet but she starts at the end of this month. Just yesterday, she learned to do a front hand spring. We were at the park and she just did it. Then she did a flip onto her bum with no hands. Oh and I taught her how to do a cartwheel across the balance beam (just the metal ones that parks have). She is (almost) a fearless girl. She is my daughter so she has to have a little bit. Emily has started piano lessons. She loves it and is learning really fast. We are doing Bastien Piano Basics Piano book and theory book. It is nice to hear music in the house again from the piano. Im going to try to post a video from my camera in the next day or two. Sorry this was so long. I was kind of rambling!


Anonymous said...

the zoo. how fun!! I think I need to haul my kids to the zoo here. And I need to work on canning some more stuff too. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

You guys are sooo cute! We miss you tons and tons! Can't wait to be back in town! Love, Katherine