Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my sister Jessicas 30th birthday!!! (she is the one on the far left) Happy Birthday Jessica! We miss you and your family so much and are hoping and praying that we get to see you on Thanksgiving. I cant believe you are starting the fourth decade of your life. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday you were spitting over the side of the bed and sucking it back up. That was really gross. The best part about you though is how kind you are and how patient you are. You are such a good mother and sister! We miss you and love you and wish we could see you, especially on your birthday. Have a great day!
Also celebrating a birthday today is Stacie, my sister in law. She is such a fun and selfless person. If you ever say you like something of hers, say her toaster, she will give it to you. Just like that. Im not sure but I think she is finally 18 today. Yea Stacie! Just kidding, I know you are 27 (right?)
Hope you have a great day! We love you and miss you!


Haslems said...

I love the updates on your family Sarah! The kids are getting big- Joshua is so cute! That's great that Anna got moved up in gymnastics. She is a natural. Glad we got to see what you guys are up to.

Amy said...

happy birthday to your sister!! EWW gross about the spitting, LOL!!

Jessica said...

Hey great job on the updating! Your kids are growing up so fast. I have been thinking about getting rid of our T.V. to but I might be the one addicted to it!

Madsens said...

ahhh! I sure do miss those days!
Thanks Sarah, I was feeling pretty good about my age until you put it into decades.
I miss you guys too and can't wait to see you next.
Happy birthday to Stacie!