Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is Joshuas best friend, Abby. She comes to our house a couple days a week and we all just love her! She is so cute!
Stephen and I went to DI last week and he found this skateboard. Imagine his surprise when I told him he could get it! On the way home he told me "I have been wanting one for years and years, Mom." His uncle PJ will be so proud! I loved this picture of the boys eyes. Stephens are such a nice blue and Joshuas are so dark. Aren't they handsome boys?? It was morning time, thats why we are still undressed and in pajamas! This was just taken this evening before bedtime. We were having fun with the camera. I bring it out and everyone wants their picture taken. My girls are so sweet and fun!


Amy said...

how fun!! I need to get my camera out more.

erin said...

Beautiful mom, beautiful kids!!

Abby said...

I love this picture of Joshy and Abby!!! SOOOO cute!!!