Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are you surprised?

Yes we are still blogging. Kind of. I forget about it and get busy and never update. I dont even know if anyone still checks this out but Im going to update anyways. Life is going great for us. We have been in our house for about a month now. We have finally painted. i was adament that we painted a different color than what we had in pocatello, but the more I look at it, I realize that its the same color just lighter. Oh well. I love it anyway.
The girls love their new school. they have awesome teachers and are making some really great friends. Stephen is doing great at what he does. Hmm. that sounds weird but its true. Anything he loves, that is what he does. Nw he is a golfer. He wants to go to Golf Galaxy for his birhtday party. I have not told him yet that it is just a golf store. I hate to dash his dreams! Joshua follows Stephen around everywhere. Everything Stephen does, joshy does also. We tell stephen that he has to be a good example for Joshua and i really dont think joshy could have a better bigger brother. I walked into Stephens room yesterday and I asked him what he was doing. He was praying because his pinky hurt and he said "It worked. My pinky feels better now!" He is such a good boy. I hope that stephen and joshy stay close as they grow up.
Anna is doing great. She prances everywhere, kicking her leg up and pretending shes on a balance beam. Its kind of cute as long as we dont get kicked!
Emily gets baptized on May 2cd. We are so excited for her. We went shopping last weekend for her baptism dress and saw some shoes that she loved. She wanted them and I told her that we had to buy the dress before we could get the shoes. So we finally found her dress yesterday and we were starting to look for shoes. She said to me "I stayed up all night last night thinking about those shoes!" So that made shopping for shoes so much easier. We went back to the store and bought them. She is such a girl!
I am now the Bear scout leader! Im kind of excited... But more nervous than anything! Trevor will help me out so that makes it so much better.
Trevor doesnt have a calling yet. Hes hoping to get nursery. Just kidding. Kind of.
So that is all that has been going on for the last 2 months. Joshua is now 2 years old and me and Trevor are both now 29. Not a big deal birthday for us. Although Trevor did get a new fishing pole that he has already used twice. We are hoping to one day catch a fish. :) Of couse we dont want to break our no fish catching record!
My sister Candice is getting married on April 11th (Ems birthday) So we will be in St. George for that and Easter. We are so excited for her!
We love you all and hope to see you all very soon!


Anonymous said...

great update!! I love your playlist- Shameless is me and dh's song!

Jessica said...

I check your blog! Your kids are growing up so much. I can't believe Emily is old enough to be getting baptized. Sounds like everything is going great. How about some pictures of your house??? If we are around the weekend you come down then I will drive into town to see you! Even if it is only for like ten minutes....Just a plea from someone who misses you and hasn't seen you in like 2 years!

et* said...

Good to hear all the latest! Congrats to Candice, that's awesome! Sounds like all is well, good for you guys. We need to set your 2 year old and my 2 year old up!! ;)

Brent said...

Thank-you so much.