Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is a great, great book. Of course anyone that knows me well, knows how much I loved The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands so there should be no surprise that I love this one also. I am about halfway through it, but since reading it, I have been inspired to be not only a better mother but a better wife also. I feel more of a need to have personal hobbies and to teach my children everything I know. Im more inclined to stop whatever I am doing and just listen to Stephen tell me something or to help with homework instead of saying "just a minute!" So I suggest reading it and not hurrying through it. Enjoy it! (sorry this isnt an update on children... that will be coming sometime in the near future:) ! )


PeejMckTal. said...

Ohhhh how I'd love to stay at home with Tal and the baby! Maybe (hopefully!) someday... :) I need a new book, I'll def check it out. Thanks!

Mary Jane said...

Hey Trevor, This is Mary Jane Mangum, I just found that you and your family live in Meridian, Wow what a small world. Larry and I are in Donnelly, Idaho just 90 miles north of Boise. I would love to catch up with you and see you and your family, My phone # is 435-632-9604 for right now. Give me a call sometime and maybe we could meet up with you. Kody is doing great, He and Erica have three boys now! can't believe it. Give me a call, talk to you soon

Mary Jane said...

Oh also my blog address is
check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hey! We LOVE Dr. Laura . . . and enjoy her books!! We will have to check this one out . . .I have tons of respect for stay-home moms!!

CoreyTina&boys said...

im on it chickie! Totally gonna read this one. I enjoyed proper care and feeding of husbands also and own it.