Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here are some random pictures of what has been happening this month! Stephen had his 5th birthday. He is getting to be such a big kid... He starts kindergarten in the fall. Im going to miss him a lot! He is such a big helper!
We went and visited a state park for memorial day and had a ton of fun! Trevor is using his sling shot to try to make rocks go all the way across a gorge we visited. (he was actually trying to hit birds).
There are a couple of cute pictures of the girls just to show how BIG they are getting! Today is their last day of school and I am SOOOO excited!! We have so many fun things planned. Camping with friends, going to PJ and Mckennas wedding (so so excited for that!), going to water parks , swimming and the library just to name a few!
The girls want to start doing yoga with me so that will be great! It will be nice to have some company- plus it will be fun to see them try to do some of the poses! We have a ton of hiking to do around Boise, so Im going to drag the kids to those with the promise of swimming afterwards. They like hiking most of the time- just not when it is hot!
I absolutely can't wait for summer to get started! I hope you all have a great one planned!

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