Saturday, August 29, 2009

blake shelton

Here we are enjoying our time (almost) alone before the concert....A very bad picture of the stage taken with Trevors phone. Yes we were far away but we didn't care. Last night, Trevor and I got a much needed break and headed to the fair to see Blake Shelton! We got there an hour early and got to sit and people watch. It took us back to when we were dating and would go to the mall and sit on a bench just to watch people. It was way too much fun....we probably got a little too critical but it sure helped pass the time!
I have never seen people drink so much alcohol.....just an observation....or that many girls NOT wearing a bra. But anyhow, the concert was fun. Blake Shelton is so funny and was really entertaining the whole time. Of course, he said it was the best crowd he's ever had but who's been to a concert where the singer has not said that? I never have. Maybe it was just one of his many jokes. At one point he got really serious and started to explain how the next song was very emotional to him and that he was very nervous to sing it. He started to sing a jingle. I love those songs; they are just so catchy!
It lasted a glorious hour and a half... I wanted to sing along and wave my arms back and forth in the air like all the good rednecks do, but Trevor would not allow it. So I kept my wild side safe and just listened...Here is a little eye candy for you all to look at and enjoy!!!

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Amy said...

I just saw him earlier this month with Sugar Land and George Strait. He is so funny.