Thursday, September 3, 2009

First day of school came and went and I never posted pics! Everyone loved their first day of school~ Here they are sitting on the swing before leaving~Stephen sitting in his class girl trapped! That's what he calls it, at least!Candice and Quinn moved up here to Meridian last night and we were able to go and help them unload and get a little settled. She is five months along now and doing great!Of course, it wouldn't be a proper post without a picture of the girls together! And here is Stephen showing off one of his many poses that he uses in pictures! What a goofy/cute kid!
So far, they all love school. Anna is in 2nd grade and gets to sit by her most favorite friend, Hailee.
Emily is in 3rd grade. She also loves it and looks forward to going everyday. She is growing up way too fast.
Stephen is in kindergarten. He has yet to play at recess on the playground. Instead he just sits by the wall and eats his snack. I think next week, he will be much more comfortable and more willing to go out and play! I'm sad to have him gone for 3 hours everyday but Joshua and I are enjoying our time together. Nothing is new with Trevor and I. We look forward to the weekends where we can have lots of time together. After the kids go to bed on Saturday nights, we turn on the latest episode of Psych and eat Chilis chips and salsa. It has gotten much easier to get them since a Chilis just opened down the street from us. It's a little too easy.....
All the kids are going to be in school all day by 2012 so I am trying to come up with some hobbies that I can work on so I won't be bored all day! Lately, I have been obsessed with home design blogs but thats not a good enough hobby. Maybe by then I will be able to use all my "knowledge" and start making my own house look cute and comfy!
Right now, I am redoing a rocking chair that I got in exchange for doing a friends hair. It is all taken apart right now, waiting for a nice coat of paint. I'm excited to have it done. (and to not have it squeak eveytime we rock in it!)
Lots and lots of love to you all!
till next time~~~~~

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Jessica said...

Your kids are looking way to grown up! I love Psych as well but don't get to watch it as much as I would like. I have become obessed with design blogs as well. What are some of your favorite? I am going to make a little link list on my blog of all the ones I look at. I can't wait to use/do some of the things that I have found on them. Sounds like you guys are doing awesome. Have a great Labor Day weekend!