Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 things i loved about yesterday

1. The winter blues escaped me for about 13 hours. Isn't spring ready to come yet? Im anxiously awaiting the birds chirping and trees blooming.... 2. I felt energetic enough to go running. Unfortunatley, I don't run in the winter. So I did a nice p90x video instead. Push-ups suck. 3. After a week of being grounded from the tv and the computer, my children were finally able to veg in front of their electonic of choice. Maybe that's why my mood was so improved.... 4. We had a great FHE with some friends. And I was off the hook from giving the lesson. Thanks to Trevor. 5. The house was actually clean by the afternoon for once. And is not in too bad a shape right now~which is why im doing a new post. But the beds do have to be made. and dishes have to be done, laundry has to be folded and ironed.... hmmm.

(i don't know where this image is from except from the internet. It is pretty though, isn't it?) I sound a little cynical but actually my mood is good today also, it just doesn't translate well into written word. Maybe a bunch of these ! will help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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