Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This sweet spirit came into our lives crying and unhappy for the first 3 months of her life. She threw up on me all the time, ate 2 large bottles of baby food at every feeding and breast fed for about 13 months.
She has become one angel of a child. From day one, it has been a joy to be her mother. She has a temper and acts like a princess most of the time, prancing everywhere, never content to just walk. She has a beautiful smile that brightens my day just to see it.
I remember once when we were living in Pocatello, the girls were playing outside and Emily was just learning to ride a bike. She, of course, fell off, and if you know my girls, you know that when they get hurt, they scream!!! Annabelle went running over to Emily, picked her up like you would a baby and carried her to me *trying* to comfort her the whole time. I won't ever forget that. That is who Annabelle is, very caring, generous and kind.
But man oh man does she have a temper!!!

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Stacie Lynn said...

she is gorgeous! and your last post made me and ty laugh so hard!!!