Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finally some relaxation.......

I really should be doing the dishes but instead I'm doing this. Updating that is. Since I never seem to do that as often as I'd like too. It's been a crazy weekend here. Not the kind where you get to relax and enjoy it. But it's been good. The weekend started with Annas gymnastic meet which was "almost" a disaster (because of the disorganization of the hosting gym) but she did get third all around so it ended up good. She didn't get dinner till 10:00 and didn't get to sleep until midnight. Saturday was a bit of an onery day for her. We did , however, get a Costco card again on Saturday. We go off and on as to whether or not we really want one. It seems you can't leave without spending at least a hundred dollars but the bulk and the quality just might be worth it. At least this year it is. Trevors job is going really good. He was up 34% from budget for the month of January. Hallelujah. It just might be a better year than last year for him ~jobwise, that is. One thing I have been looking forward to all weekend has been Masterpiece Theater on PBS tonight. Its the final installment of Emma. I haven't seen a better screen adaptation of the book, ever. Seriously, it's fantastic. And since it starts in about 20 minutes, I had best be done!

Maybe on my next post I will put up some cute pictures of the kids. We have an abundance of them!


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PeejMckTal. said...

Sarah, I miss you guys lots! I think of you all the time. I think I may have already wrote you a comment with that exact sentence in it, but I figure telling you again couldn't hurt. I just finished reading Dear John... OH MYYYYYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can't stop thinking about the ending. I keep think I wished it has ended differently and maybe I need to re-read the ending because something just doesn't feel right, but THEN I get to really thinking about and I know there couldn't have been a better ending. I can't WAIT for Peej to read it! I'm sending him my tear dropped copy asap!